Ep. 64 – How I teach feminine sales

What is feminine sales? And how do I teach this to my clients who are entrepreneus? Some people might believe feminine sales is for women only. That’s definitely not true. In this episode I explain the essence of feminine sales and why it is so beneficial to your business.

Welcome to the podcast Deals on Heels by business mentor Lotje Euser, episode number 64

Welcome to my very first episode in English! WooThis is pretty exciting to me, if I’m being honest. But I think this decision to go do all of my episodes in English is perfect for me.

Because I already knew that a lot of my episodes attract a lot of people around the world because I use a lot of English terms in my podcasts. 

So people would click on the title, start the episode and then realise that I speak Dutch and they take off. So I was like: I need to change this. 

I want to increase my reach and make episodes available for everybody to listen to. And I already switched all my social media channels to English before, so it was only a matter of time to change the language of this podcast from Dutch to English as well.

So if you don’t know me yet: hello, I love that you’re listening. My name is Lotje Euser, I’m a business mentor for entrepreneurs and I live in the Netherlands.

My biggest passion is sales. OMG I can’t stop talking about it, I know a lot about it, I’ve have so much experience in this area, I have been selling things since… I was a little girl? The first thing I ever sold were postcards and stamps, I think at the age of 9? 

I had to go door knocking to sell them and I totally loved it. It was for charity as well I believe. And I had so much fun with it.

Later on I had all kinds of jobs that all involved selling. I sold clothes, beauty products, fashion accessories, franchise products, then a little bit later I sold financial products, insurances, IT software, trainings, consultancy. I was so passionate about the products I sold, I even sold stuff on dates – it’s just something that happens automatically to me – when I love something and I believe in the product. And now I sell coaching programs and trainings to entrepreneurs who want to fall in love with sales and become a Bestseller.

But… what you also need to know about me is that I teach feminine sales. You’re probably wondering: what the hack is feminine sales? Something for women possibly?

And feminine sales isn’t for women only or something. It has nothing to do with gender. 

People always think it does, but it absolutely doesn’t. Feminine sales is for everybody who wants to do sales in their own way. And ps: I have some male clients as well, who I help with sales.

Feminine sales means that you find a way of doing sales that matches with who you are. With your identity, and your core values. That feels like fun, that feels like you want to do it every day because you love it so much. And a form of sales that will give you the best possible results without draining your energy.

I know there are a lot of coaches teaching sales in a way that feels really exhausting. That’s definitely not how I roll. I’ve been in a burn-out myself, so I really stay aware of how my clients use their energy. To make sure they don’t burn out themselves.

And if you apply feminine sales correctly: it doesn’t drain your energy, it gives you actually a lot of energy. So you are able to sell on a consistent and frequent basis. 

So to be very clear with you: feminine sales has nothing to do with pushy sales, or fear based / yo bro marketing. 

Those are forms of trying to get sales in, that I don’t teach or believe in. I see sales as an empowered way to help people. Not to use people’s own fears against them. That doesn’t feel good to me and doesn’t fit to my core values as truthfulness and transparency.

Because I believe anyone can become great at sales. It’s definitely not some kind of special gift you have to have. 

It’s not a god’s given gift. It’s a skill I can help you develop.

And I didn’t know this when I just started this coaching business but this is what I realised when I became a coach that sales is a big obstacle for a lot of entrepreneurs. 

And I was like: WHYYY. Sales is amazing! Sales helps you to make money and to grow you business. Without sales no money??

So I quickly shifted my niche from marketing to sales – and yes I think it was one of my best moves ever.

While marketing still stays an important piece of the pie, the sales piece will always remain bigger.

So I really believe that sales should be definitely your core focus as an entrepreneur. And I’m not only about lead generation, and converting new clients –  but also selling to current clients and increase your client retention.

The problem a lot of entrepreneurs have with sales is that: they don’t like it. They feel icky about it. They feel resistance about it. Like they have to pretend they’re this sticky sales guy from a car dealer, you know?

A lot of entrepreneurs feel like the NEED to do sales. And when you feel you must do something, well… it makes the fun disappear and then you start sabotaging yourself in order not to sell. 

A lot of entrepreneurs rather just spend their time on other things in their businesses, because sales isn’t necessarily their expertise. They don’t know how or when or what to do with it.

And maybe you feel the same way. Maybe you avoid the sales in your business as well. What blocks your growth.

But…the truth is: you can’t do without sales. Because without sales… no money is coming in.

So it kinda feels like an obligation to most entrepreneurs and I want to change that. 

Especially for women. Because I know a lot of women find it hard to sell. While I really believe that women have a lot of natural skills that are super beneficial when you want to sell your products.

The way I teach feminine sales is by teaching you how to use your natural talents & gifts in the sales process & strategies. 

I use a lot of insights from Human Design to discover where your natural talents lie. I’m a human design expert as well, I’m pretty spiritual myself – and I believe that everything is energy. But I’m also pretty down to earth when it comes to putting in the work and challenging people. 

You can manifest your dreams without taking action right?

Further more: In my business I have one rule: if it’s no fun, I’m not doing it. 

And I know that if I can help the entrepreneurs that I help coach,  find a way of doing sales that feels not like an obligation but as pleasure and fun – that shifts the whole game for them. And then sales begins to feel effortless. When they see what results they get by really getting into the sales game, it’s just magic, And to see them can’t wait to sell again – which helps then to get t 6-figure years and beyond – yes that’s pretty amazing.

So I hope you have a better idea of what feminine sales is and how I help my clients to become Bestsellers. If you have any questions or ideas or topics for my podcast, feel free to DM me on Linkedin or Instagram, don’t forget to subscribe and hopefully till next time!