67 – Embodying your vision to create more sales

Why is having a vision not only important for your company? But also for your sales? In this episode, I’m sharing how your vision helps create more sales and makes it easier to attract more customers.

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Welcome to a new episode! 

My name is Lotje Euser and I’m a business mentor for entrepreneurs who want to fall in love with sales and create customers for live. I coach entrepreneurs on sales, mindset, leadership and strategy. I’m super passionate about sales and closed over 500 deals in my life. I’ve sold many different products, from clothing and beauty products to IT Software. 

So there’s basically nothing that I haven’t seen or done when it comes to sales and in this podcast I hope to inspire you and help you with giving you lots of insights around sales, leadership and growing your business!

Can I first share that I’m super excited that you’re listening to my podcast? Today I’m going to discuss a very important topic when it comes to growing your business and becoming really good at sales: it’s about embracing your vision to create more sales.

So first of all, if I would ask you: what’s your vision for your business? Do you have a direct answer? Can you just tell instantly?

Yes? No? Maybe you haven’t really thought about this?

In that case, you’re not an exception. 

Because a lot of entrepreneurs find it hard to share their vision, or even worse: they don’t really have a vision yet. Or they haven’t really given any thoughts to it.

So let me tell you why having a vision is super important, also for your sales:

Whatever market you operate in, I can tell you: you have competitors. They are everywhere and there even more of them than you probably think.

No business is really unique based on the things they’re selling. Although many of us think we’re super unique. I used to think that as well… and this is purely ego based of course. We all feel that we’re super unique and special. You deserve to feel like that.

But… business wise, you’re not unique. Your business is not unique. Your offer is not unique. There are more businesses out there, like yours. More offers like yours, more professionals like you.

And this is a problem, obviously. 

Because why should customers choose you over your competitors?

Why should they hire you? Why should they buy from you? Why should they give you their money?

I want to tell you that if I ask my own customers this when they’ve started working with me, none of them can provide me with a clear answer.

Like none of them. Strange right?

I’m still hoping for the day to come, that I get like this super strong pitch from a customer that blows me away. Telling me: every customer should buy from me because I’m going to change this bloody world for good!!

Omg, something like that…. Yes it would be so nice. 

Until that happens… I will help my own customers with developing their own vision. So when they’re at the end of our collaboration, their vision just blows everyone away.

Usually, new coaching clients would answer something like: because people like me? They trust me? They know me? With lots of question marks in their eyes and voice?

And yes, these things are important for marketing. To build up your know, like trust factors. But how do you do that?

How do you actually do that? How do you make people to know, like and trust you? And eventually, also buy from you?

This is where your vision plays a huge role. If you have a super strong vision, you become so much more attractive to potential customers.

Customers buy from you because of your vision. Every thought about that?

They don’t buy from you because you have a nice website, or good support, or handy freebees. No, they buy from you because they feel super attracted and elevated by your vision.

So what’s my vision you’re wondering? 

My vision is that when more women should get to the top, the world becomes a greater place. 

And In order to accomplish that sales should be the core of their businesses. Of course. Sales plays a huge role in this. What else, like George Clooney would say. You must be able to sell yourself to get to the top. Not only as an entrepreneur, also when you’re working for a company.

Sales is huge part of this all. That’s why I love sales and I want to change the world of sales. And how people and companies do sales.

I also have a big vision of how sales should be done of course. My vision is that feminine sales is the future of sales. For me, there’s just no other way. Feminine sales is the future. Executing feminine sales is the way entrepreneurs and companies should sell their offer.

Okay so. Back to how to embrace your vision.

The reason not many entrepreneurs are so clear about their vision is that they underestimate the positive influence of having one and expressing that one.

Because having one, is a first, but you need to express it. And I’m not talking about putting it somewhere on your website. No.

That’s just like: checking the checkbox: we have a vision. We put it on our website, go do your magic VISION!

Nope. your vision must seep through your entire company. With every activity you do, your vision must be centralized. You must live up to it. 

Every email you write, every piece of content you put out in the world – your vision must be embodied by your entire company including all activities, people & culture.

That means that if your vision is about a more sustainable world, it wouldn’t make any sense if all your employees drive like petrol-driven cars.

And when your vision is about excellence customer service, It wouldn’t make any sense if you treat customers like trash. Or not responding to them on time.

And if you’re a coach like me and your vision is about making brands great, and your own branding sucks, well … you see the mismatches here?

So your vision isn’t something you put on paper, but you must embrace it to the fullest.

Because a vision leads the way. It let’s you decide what products to develop. It let’s you decide how you want to show up. What tone of voice to use. How to do your branding. How to talk to your customers.

And this is what I kind of miss, looking at a lot of companies. They have a vision. But they don’t necessarily act upon it.

And also for a lot of people who work in the corporate world. They haven’t developed a strong vision for themselves. How they want to act, how they want to show up. How they want to communicate.

So if you’re ambitious and you want to climb the corporate ladder, then I would really advice you to develop your own vision. And be very clear about it. And act upon it.

So how does this help your sales?

When you embrace your vision to the fullest, people will notice. They will notice you talking about your vision. They will become excited. They will start to feel connected. Because above anything else, a vision should always contribute to something positive. A positive change or transformation. People love talking about positive change, have you noticed?

And when you start expressing your vision, people will start to feel enthousiastic about you, about your company and about your products.

They will understand why you do things the way you do things. They will respect your decisions, if those decisions align with your vision. Because they totally get what you’re up to.

I don’t say this is easy. Because as an entrepreneur, or manager or C-level professional – you will always have to make tough decisions. Decisions that might be hard to understand for others.

But if you return back to your vision, and you make decisions that are completely aligned with your vision – it’s so much easier for people to accept and respect your decisions.

And it’s so much easier for customers to decide whether or not to work with you. Whether or not to buy from you.

If your vision speaks very directly and clear to them: they are super empowered to make the right decisions in the buying process.

Sometimes it can feel a bit challenging. I’ve noticed this myself. Because I really want to help women get to the top. And in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I felt like: if I really go out there and spread the word, talk about my vision… how will people react?

Will they like it?

Will they like me?

Will they buy from me?

And these are some really deep topics, that have a lot to do with the fear of not being liked of course. And maybe you feel the same way.

That people won’t like your vision, when you speak up. And you’re afraid of the consequences. How people will treat you, what they will say to you.

I felt the same way, talking about my vision. Because what would happen if I told the world I want to help women get to the top.

I had some male customers, would they still want to work with me? Wouldn’t I scare them away?

So here’s the funny thing: since I embraced my own vision on how sales should be done, I’ve never attracted more male clients than ever.

And I think it’s because I just own my opinion. I stand for what I think. And I’m not afraid to express it, no matter how people will react to it.

And that’s super attractive in general. Most people don’t really speak up. Or the ones that do speak up, receive a lot of negative comments. And we tend to avoid that.

We don’t want to feel excluded, we don’t want people to reject us. And maybe speaking about your vision, causes that anxiety within your body as well.

But will you let that stop you? No matter what you do: there will always be people who will disagree with you. Who will criticize you? Who will not understand?

It’s so funny to me: everybody wants to be successful, get super rich. Build these amazing businesses and brands. 

But they don’t want to face the other side of the coin: that you will receive also the negative side effects from it. You will receive backlash. We all do. I do too.

I’ve never had a month without somebody criticizing me. But I know it’s part of the job. Of my mission. And we shouldn’t underestimate the negative side, or act like it’s all butterflies and daisies. No, I’m not staying that. But you should always focus on the positive. What will this bring you?

How will it contribute to your success? 

How will your vision help your sales?

How will it help attractinc customers?

Focus on that.

Don’t focus or be afraid of the negative side effects. 

So I want to ask you…

Do you want to be part of the mass? Don’t have a vision and don’t talk about it. Just stay safe, and live as most people do. Build a business that’s like.. average? Have an average career?


You want to grow your business beyond? Have an extra-ordinary carreer? Then create a bold vision and act upon it, express it. Be loud and clear about it.

But this is the real question:

Do you really dare to speak up? Do you really dare to be bold and loud and clear about your vision?

If you want to build a huge successful company, if you want to build a great carreer -> speak up about your vision.

Get noticed.

Make some noice.
Live up to your vision.

Feel it in every viber in your body.

Embrace it to the fullest.

Express it as much as you can, with everything you do.

Give people the opportunity to love your vision, and love you for having this vision.

So many brands have accomplished this. If they can do it, and deal with it, why not you?